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Swarovski® Adds Loads of Glamour at Shanore

Our jewelry collection has recently gotten a bit more sparkly. Well, perhaps more than just a bit. Our latest anthology has enough shimmer and shine that even the sun may come second fiddle when searching for brilliance.

No offense to the sunshine, but our latest series is fabulously incandescent with the help of Swarovski® crystals.

Swarovski® crystals are world-renowned for creating top-drawer items. Nothing can compare to their variety and clarity. They are not only utilized for jewelry bits, but they also find their way into other associations. Shanore has collaborated with Swarovski® crystals in an effort to mix our fantastic Irish and Celtic designs with something most spectacular. Crystals from Swarovski® come in many shapes and colors making their implementation rather fluid. This is why they can be found in households, on people and in lighting effects. Their adaptability makes them nearly universal.

For our latest line simply 881called crystals, Shanore exhibits both new and traditional models. You may recognize something like our trinity knot earrings making an appearance. However, this time, they are aligned with beautiful, white Swarovski® crystals, and made of sterling silver. The trinity knot is important in that it represents groupings of three. This can come to symbolize anything you want it to. Many represent their relationships with others or their feelings towards Ireland with a trinity knot. It simply exemplifies an endless transgression from one area to the next making their definition much deeper than it may appear on the surface.

900Along with earrings, we are featuring necklaces and bracelets that have the added beauty of crystals from Swarovski®. And if it’s color that you are looking for, we’ve got many selections for you to peruse. Seen here is a beautiful new style called the claddagh trinity pendent encrusted with Swarovski crystals. For lovers of the color purple, this necklace will resonate with their tastes. Inside the oval shape sits a claddagh made of silver and a trinity knot made of gold. Our crystals in this item are tanzanite which is a stone known for it’s good fortune.


And finally, if it is a bracelet877 that you desire, we have those too. This dainty creation is known as our claddagh pearl bracelet adorned with Swarovski® crystals. The single strand of pearls is classic and ethereal. The hue is a light ivory signifying resilience and longevity. Our lovely Claddagh is attached in the middle to demonstrate a tie to heritage. And if that wasn’t enough, the silver bangle is lined with sparkly crystals.

Our new line featuring Swarovski® crystals is sure to make you smile with delight. With so many choices and variations, you are bound to find one creation that suits your needs.

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