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Our Swarovski® Seal Guarantees Authenticity

Shanore’s recent partnership with893 Swarovski® has furnished you, the public, with many before unimagined and amazing pieces. In fact, any time Swarovski® is implanted into a design, that product automatically becomes something extra special. No other element adds the quality and genuineness to a piece of artwork like Swarovski® does. You can find many ornaments which feature crystals, but very few have crystals of such impeccable standards as Swarovski®. Given a choice, it is obvious that picking a bonafide jem is the way to go.

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How do you do this though? In today’s world with so many items on the market, it is sometimes impossible to know what is real and what is imposter. We here, at Shanore, have a way to make certain you know what you’re getting is quality. That is because every product we have that spotlights Swarovski® crystals comes with your very own certificate of authenticity. This is imperative to providing you, the customer, with all of the information needed to authenticate your piece.



Something this good usually comes1080 (1) with proof. That is why we include this certificate with every piece ensuring that you get what you expected. There is no confusion once your product arrives. It will come with a hologram sticker that will highlight a sixteen digit number. This number can be used when you go to www.swarovski.com/crystals  and this is where you verify the crystals on your purchase.

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Swarovski® crystals have been prominent for over one-hundred years. They bring a reputation of excellence to everything they touch. And no one crystal will ever be the same. They are all different shapes and colors. Once you receive your piece embellished with Swarovski® crystals, you can be sure that your package is truly one of a kind.



Can’t decide where to begin? A great way to dive in is by selecting your favorite Irish symbol or design. This Claddagh Trinity pendant embellished with Swarovski crystals is a wonderful way to begin your affinity for authentic crystals. We have taken our claddagh1040 (1) design and added Swarovski® crystals to the parameter of the pendant. In the center, we include a trinity deisgn. Both the trinity and claddagh are higly symbolic pieces. Combining the two units equals a increased power from their individual strengths. This makes this necklace truly magnificent that other items will be hardpressed to parallel it’s brilliance. The icing on the cake are the Swarovski® crystals. They allow this design to speak volumes with the wearer not even having to utter one word.

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