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Do You Believe in Luck?

Is the “luck of the Irish” just a myth? How do you know? Everyone out there has heard of lucky charms. Some people may even prescribe to this practice. But what is a lucky charm, does it work and is it all about being Irish? The answers to those questions are: whatever you find brings […]

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The Unspoken Conflict; Naming Your Baby

Should giving your baby a name be so hard? It seems that it is something worth heavy consideration. Picture this: A baby comes along into your happy, home life. Your family experiences joy, relief and even a new-found sense of accomplishment. You, as the parent, have been waiting for this moment for a long, nine months […]

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Grab a Symbol of Fall Foliage

Ever consider what to wear in support of leaf peeping? We have a few pieces that fit the part. Fall is here and it is a very transformative time to be alive. After the heat and bright lights of summer, the earth takes a notable slow down. This means cool breezes fill once steamy sensations […]

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Irish Green; It’s True Symbolism

You are not alone if you see the color green and automatically think of Ireland. What if I told you that this assumption was learned? I was recently watching a movie preview that took place in Ireland. There was a couple who came to visit and there was a woman who represented the hotel where the foreigners would be […]

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Know the Powers of Well Wishing

Have you ever made a wish into a well? Did that wish come true? In Ireland you may  have heard of the hundreds of holy wells that are dispersed around the country. Considering the republic’s size, that is a lot of wells! The likelihood that wherever you stand in Ireland that you are also very close to […]

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What Is It That Makes Ireland So Great to Visit?

That is a very good question. That is to ask, “what is it about this country exactly that is so appealing?” Is it the Cliffs of Moher or the Guinness Brewery? Maybe, maybe not. There are other countries with cliffs and plenty of places with breweries. I believe it likely isn’t just one thing that […]

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How to Cultivate Your Very Own Crann Bethadh

  Crann Bethadh otherwise known as “tree of life” has been a Celtic symbol for centuries. The history of this symbol is deeply rooted in religious and personal convictions among various other postulates. For instance, when land was newly acquired centuries ago in Ireland, the founders would plant or establish a tree within that perimeter. […]

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Is the Water Supply in Ireland a Joke?

Facts did a fairly recent video online which takes a sarcastic approach to the issues Ireland has been having with public water supply. The video shows the various ways that not having water truly effects typical households. Even though the reel makes light of things, the situation is actually crucial for some. Watch below as […]

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Lughnasa – Proof that the Ancient Irish Were Pretty Modern

Ancient Ireland

In the run up to Ireland’s marriage equality referendum earlier this year, we heard a lot of debate about “traditional marriage.”  But those pushing for “traditional marriage” weren’t interested in what really constituted Ireland’s tradition of marriage, and one of Ireland’s Lughnasa traditions shows how very differently our ancestors viewed marriage.  In fact, a few […]

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