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Love and the Celtic New Year

As you carve the pumpkins, hang the fake spider webs and stock up on candy for trick or treaters, you probably are not thinking about romance.  But the Celts of old were.  Halloween’s roots are in Samhain, the pre-Christian Celtic New Year.  People believed that a veil separated this world from the spirit world, where […]

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Celebrating October in Ireland

The wet and cold are settling in.  September’s mix of rain and surprise sunny days is over.  Farmers have gathered their last harvest, and by now everyone has their turf in for winter.  Fires are lit at night, filling the air with the smell of burning turf.  Young people eager for Halloween are stashing away […]

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Welcome to the Bog

Bogs, a particular type of land, play a quiet but central role in Irish life.  It is quintessentially Irish that we would see a substance that is 90% water as burnable fuel and be correct.  Bogs shape our language and cultural views.  City dwellers jokingly refer to their rural counterparts as ‘boggers’.  In small towns […]

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Discovering Your Own Ireland

Ireland is full of amazing destinations that are rightly famous around the world for their beauty and charm.  The Cliffs of Moher.  Blarney Castle.  Dublin’s Temple Bar.  Newgrange.  No visitor is ever short of must-see sights in Ireland.  But sometimes you want something different.  Sometimes the joy of travelling lies in discovering something that not […]

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Amazing Alexandrite Is June’s Birthstone

If you are not quite certain exactly what color alexandrite is, you aren’t alone.  Many of those born in June are Geminis, and this birthstone perfectly suits their dual nature.  Its color appears to change in different lights.  It ranges from the red end of the color spectrum to the green/ blue end, depending on […]

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Ancient Irish Crannogs: Islands of Creativity

Does creativity require a bit of solitude?  Consider the stereotype of writers toiling away in an attic somewhere.  Virginia Woolf said women need a room of our own, and long before man caves men were retreating to workshops to create all sorts of wood crafts.  Our Irish ancestors had this figured out.  In fact, they […]

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