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Trinity Knot Irish Wedding Jewelry

Irish wedding jewelry is the perfect way to include some rich symbolism, real beauty and a nod to your heritage in your big day. You certainly have some dazzling choices that reflect what your relationship means to you. The trinity knot is an elegant, subtle motif with a few interpretations that fit weddings and relationships. […]

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Irish Jewelry Christmas Gifts for Her

If you want to put a sparkle in her eye this Christmas morning, try putting something sparkly under the tree. Irish jewelry is a beautiful Christmas present for your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, or any other woman in your life. Traditional Celtic motifs are rich in symbolism and meaning. As well as being gorgeous, […]

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Celebrating Irish Pearls

The mention of pearls usually conjures up romantic images of pearl divers searching for oysters in tropical waters. But not all pearls come from warm seas. Some species of pearl-producing molluscs live in freshwater in much cooler climes, including Ireland. This wee island has never been a large producer of freshwater pearls, but it is […]

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Pick the Perfect Irish Engagement Ring

You’ve found the right woman, and you know this is it. It’s time to pop the question. That means it’s also time to find the perfect Irish engagement ring for her. Deciding to propose to your beloved is a huge decision, and planning your proposal involves more important decisions about how, when and where to […]

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Your Irish Jewelry’s Hallmark

We tend to throw the word ‘hallmark’ around – saying this or that is the hallmark of a good restaurant, business, student, leader, etc. But do you know the real significance of a hallmark and what it means for your Irish jewelry? A jewelry hallmark is no arbitrary, subjective claim. It’s a solid, objective, official […]

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