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When Will the Tricksters Arrive at Our Doors?

Which do you fear most at your front door – Halloween tricksters or campaigning politicians? With Halloween coming up, it is a good time for a blog post about something really and truly frightening.  The children in costumes who come to your door range from adorable to annoying, but when the politicians go door to […]

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Do You Believe in Luck?

Is the “luck of the Irish” just a myth? How do you know? Everyone out there has heard of lucky charms. Some people may even prescribe to this practice. But what is a lucky charm, does it work and is it all about being Irish? The answers to those questions are: whatever you find brings […]

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The Unspoken Conflict; Naming Your Baby

Should giving your baby a name be so hard? It seems that it is something worth heavy consideration. Picture this: A baby comes along into your happy, home life. Your family experiences joy, relief and even a new-found sense of accomplishment. You, as the parent, have been waiting for this moment for a long, nine months […]

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Grab a Symbol of Fall Foliage

Ever consider what to wear in support of leaf peeping? We have a few pieces that fit the part. Fall is here and it is a very transformative time to be alive. After the heat and bright lights of summer, the earth takes a notable slow down. This means cool breezes fill once steamy sensations […]

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Irish Green; It’s True Symbolism

You are not alone if you see the color green and automatically think of Ireland. What if I told you that this assumption was learned? I was recently watching a movie preview that took place in Ireland. There was a couple who came to visit and there was a woman who represented the hotel where the foreigners would be […]

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Want to Become an Irish Landowner?

Ever dreamt you would own a piece of Ireland? Here’s how to make that a reality. Now at Shanore we are offering an exciting and unique opportunity. With every purchase made through our website, we will give you a personal, free gift. This gift is your very own piece of Irish land! I’m sure many people out there […]

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