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What Wearing Swarovski® Crystals Will Mean for You

I was recently in a National retailer when I came across a magnetic bracelet. It was pretty and looked sturdy. Also, the cost of the item was ridiculously low. I noticed the caption on the piece indicating that the bracelet was for healing. Upon inspecting it, I saw that there were two, teeny-tiny magnets attached. I realized […]

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How to Cultivate Your Very Own Crann Bethadh

  Crann Bethadh otherwise known as “tree of life” has been a Celtic symbol for centuries. The history of this symbol is deeply rooted in religious and personal convictions among various other postulates. For instance, when land was newly acquired centuries ago in Ireland, the founders would plant or establish a tree within that perimeter. […]

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Would Fine Gael Hold an Abortion Referendum?

You may remember in June when I posted about a U.N. committee on human rights and their recommendations to Ireland to hold a referendum and change its stringent abortion laws. These laws, to remind you, allow for abortion only in cases where the fetus endangers the life of the pregnant woman. Yesterday, Taoiseach Enda Kenny […]

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The Mysterious World of Irish Phone Etiquette

The telephone itself is not different in different places, but the Irish do have an approach to this modern essential that is unique.  While we are known around the world for being friendly and chatty, it is helpful to know that description applies to us only in person or online.  Over the telephone?  Not so […]

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How to Care for Your Swarovski® Crystals

Our new collection featuring crystals from Swarovski® offers beautiful and dazzling pieces that most women will love. Most of us have never seen a brilliance comparable to Swarovski®. In fact, the moment when we open our package for the first time, it is likely to become a favorite. Wearing our jewelry for the initial time after that, is an even better […]

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Our Swarovski® Seal Guarantees Authenticity

Shanore’s recent partnership with Swarovski® has furnished you, the public, with many before unimagined and amazing pieces. In fact, any time Swarovski® is implanted into a design, that product automatically becomes something extra special. No other element adds the quality and genuineness to a piece of artwork like Swarovski® does. You can find many ornaments […]

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