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Lovely Máthair

Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Your mathair is deserving of something significant and beautiful on her day. It is nice to get her a card, flowers or even breakfast. This year think about giving your mother something even more substantial than a meal and a note. Get her a piece of jewelry that she […]

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Bealtine – Ireland’s Summer Fire Festival

While the nights can still be cool, household supplies of turf are running low and no one minds.  The fire is not needed daily now to warm the house.  Instead, it is time to gather wood and start building the frames for bonfires.  It is nearly Bealtine.  We are nearly halfway between the spring equinox […]

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The Docklands

Now is the time in Ireland when the warm weather invites the best of what the republic has to offer. Festivities are scheduled for the outdoors aplenty in the spring and summer months because this is the ideal climate to celebrate Irish culture. This gives every Irishman the chance to show the world what they […]

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What the Marriage Referendum Means for Ireland

On 22 May, Ireland will be voting on whether or not to pass the Marriage Referendum, which would become the thirty-fourth amendment to the Irish Constitution.  So, what exactly would this amendment do?  If the referendum passes, it will be a huge victory in the fight for LGBTQ equality in Ireland.  It would have a similar […]

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Science & Beauty Meet in Dublin’s Botanic Gardens

Spring in Ireland is beautiful.  Yellow blooms are everywhere – daffodils and forsythia blossom in front of homes, while yellow flag iris wave in the breeze along the canal tow paths.  Sweet little lambs frolic in vivid green fields.  It is the ideal time to visit formal gardens around the country.  From Powerscourt in County […]

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Little, Celtic Ballerina

Far from the impression of this title, the woman that this article is about did not become a Celtic ballerina while in Ireland.  Instead, she became a graceful and poised ballerina nearly 6,000 miles away from home. What she did was gained an education and an edge that was hard to come by and in […]

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