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Looking for Love Through the Celts

Looking for a clear description of love? This is something that is not so openly demonstrated. There is no one symbol that captures the idea of love to the Celts. Many people see a shape like a heart and know that it represents love and care. But, that symbol was not really a big part […]

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Was Life Tricky for Druids?

The Druids were a well-established group in Ireland. Were their ways so  easy to navigate though? The Druids were a group of educated people who lived in Ireland and Great Britain dating back for thousands of years. As part of their namesake, they had various roles within society. In ancient times, the name of a druid […]

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Why Halloween Is Much Scarier in Ireland

Halloween has Irish roots.  It developed out of the pre-Christian Celtic New Year called Samhain, when it was believed that supernatural creatures and departed souls could come creeping from the spirit world to torment the living.  But that isn’t why Halloween is so much more disturbing here than in North America.  In many ways, Halloween […]

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Dracula’s Dublin Connection

Count Dracula might be Transylvanian, but did you know he’s got Irish roots? The world sees Ireland as a cheerful place full of friendly people who love to laugh.  But at this time of year, another side of Ireland comes to the fore.  This is the birthplace of Halloween, which can trace its roots back […]

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When Will the Tricksters Arrive at Our Doors?

Which do you fear most at your front door – Halloween tricksters or campaigning politicians? With Halloween coming up, it is a good time for a blog post about something really and truly frightening.  The children in costumes who come to your door range from adorable to annoying, but when the politicians go door to […]

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What Is It That Makes Ireland So Great to Visit?

That is a very good question. That is to ask, “what is it about this country exactly that is so appealing?” Is it the Cliffs of Moher or the Guinness Brewery? Maybe, maybe not. There are other countries with cliffs and plenty of places with breweries. I believe it likely isn’t just one thing that […]

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