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Women’s Christmas – an Irish Tradition

In Ireland, Christmas is not over. Here, we make the most of the season. Office work slows well down in December. While retail and service sector staff are busy on Christmas Eve, most people have the day off. And pretty much everything closes for Christmas Day. But lift doesn’t go back to normal on the […]

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Live from Newgrange, Solstice 2017

Newgrange passage tomb in County Meath’s Boyne Valley is arguably Ireland’s most amazing site. Built in the Stone Age, it predates the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge. The site gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 1993. Newgrange is ringed by 97 large stones, many of which are carved with intricate designs. The entrance stone is […]

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Christmas with an Irish Flair

Christmas is a time when families gather together and celebrate with traditions that have come down through generations. It’s also a time to review those traditions, consider which you really love and which you wouldn’t miss. Each generation adds their own touch and develops their own traditions. While people celebrate the holiday in diverse countries […]

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Why Irish Sports Fans Sing that Song

If you watched Ireland play in the World Cup qualifiers against Denmark in the last week, you heard the song.  Actually, if you’ve seen any Irish team play any sport against another national team, you’ve heard the song.  You mightn’t know the name or the history of it, but if you’ve watch an Irish sports […]

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Celebrating November in Ireland

Happy New Year!  November 1st is the first day of the ancient Celtic year. Like January 1st, it’s the day after the big party. Around Ireland, neighbors are quietly cleaning up after the bonfires and fireworks of Halloween.  Parents are taking down decorations and encouraging their children to pace themselves as they devour their candy.  […]

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Ireland’s Crystal Heritage

Since the time of the Celts, glass has been used in Irish jewelry.  Our earliest surviving artwork is beautiful, intricate stone carvings. The same swirling designs are in both early and modern Irish jewelry. Ireland quickly embraced crystal when it was developed. And we became one of the world’s most popular producers of crystal glassware, […]

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