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An Irish Menu for Your Summer Wedding

We tend to think of Irish food as a lot of great stews and hearty dishes.  Maybe you’re planning an Irish theme for your summer wedding and worried about finding menu options that are both Irish and good for a warmer day.  Fear not.  Although we’re famous for rain, we do get just enough sunshine […]

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Visiting Viking Ireland Today

Ireland was influenced by Scandinavia long before Ikea built their massive shop in north Dublin.  The first wave of Scandinavian invaders were rather different, however.  Sure, they brought some interesting fashions and built a lot, but their ventures didn’t pull in bored families with a bit of dosh to spend. The Vikings were a pretty […]

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Who Were the Celts?

If you haven’t heard it said yet this season, you’ll probably hear it soon.  Someone who thinks they’re clever will try to rain on your St. Patrick’s Day parade by saying that Patrick wasn’t Irish.  Then, if they really like to stir it up, they’ll add that Patrick was British.  It’s a very begrudging attitude […]

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Before Patrick: Ireland’s Pagan Past

Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity when he converted Ireland to Christianity.  Now those three leaves are one of the most widely recognized symbols of Ireland.  But our beloved shamrock isn’t the only symbol for Ireland.  Many are much older.  Before Patrick, Ireland had a very rich spiritual life, and it gave […]

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March’s Birthstone Is an Ocean of Beauty

In March, all eyes turn to Ireland as we celebrate our patron saint Patrick.  Around the world, the Irish, the descendants of Irish immigrants and the Irish for a day are all decked out in green enjoying the music and beverages of Ireland.  But St. Patrick isn’t the only one with a special day in […]

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Ireland’s Sparkling Crystal Heritage

While Ireland’s natural beauty tends toward the rugged, our arts and crafts are often extremely elegant and sophisticated.  From the time we were carving elaborate designs on rocks to today’s celebrated Irish designers, Irish culture shows a clear fondness for nice things.  And crystal is one of those nice things we love.  We love to […]

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