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Top 4 Amazing Irish Halloween Costumes

Ireland is the birthplace of Halloween, aka Samhain. The holiday’s roots come from the ancient Celtic calendar, which ended on October 31st and began on November 1st. The ancients believed that a sort of veil separated the ordinary world of the living from the world of the dead and the supernatural. Over the year, that […]

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Ireland’s Spooky Gothic Legacy

Long before the modern goth music and fashion scene was born, the Irish were revealing in Gothic literature. It is no surprise that this island has produced so many exceptional writers of horror fiction. Howling winds, dense fogs, driving rains and old graveyards with tilted Celtic cross tombstones are all entirely normal, unavoidable parts of […]

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How the Irish Brought St. Patrick to Florida

Every summer, Irish families flock to Florida in search of fun and sun. The climate of Florida couldn’t be more different than Ireland’s, and the array of amusement parks, beaches and other attractions makes it one of the most beloved vacation destinations for Irish families. We rarely think of Florida as a destination for Irish […]

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Paddy’s Day without a Parade?

Around the world, St. Patrick’s Day parades are falling victim to the corona virus. Amid fears of people spreading the covid 19 virus, parade organizers are cancelling the traditional event. Even Ireland’s capital has cancelled its parade, which draws massive crowds from around the world. But if it seems unprecedented, our memories are short. This […]

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An Irish Leap Year Tradition for Ladies in Love

Ireland’s second patron saint, Brigid of Kildare, was known, loved and sometimes probably feared for her shrewd negotiating skills and her willingness to go head to head with male leaders. Her feast day is February 1st, but that isn’t the only day this month that we think of her. She left us another special day, […]

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Is Ireland the Most Romantic Place?

Never mind Love Island. Ireland is a much more romantic island. While tropical islands have a certain appeal, especially in January and February, Ireland has its own unique and irresistible take on love and romance.   With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we have the evidence that really, Ireland is an incredibly romantic place and […]

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