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The Second Battle of Dublin’s Moore Street

Moore Street in Dublin was a key battle site in the 1916 Easter Rising, and it recently came under attack again by property developers who wanted to replace the buildings with a shopping center. Dubliners were having none of it. Visitors to Ireland might be surprised by the number of historic heritage sites everywhere as […]

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Weather You’ll Be Here or Not

When you picture Ireland, what comes to mind? Is your idea backed up with real facts though? Ireland is very lush and green. It has some rolling landscape, mountain ranges. pastures, fields, cliffs and is ever abundant with plant life. Wherever you go, you are likely not very far from a body of water whether it’s an […]

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Where Are the Luckiest Shamrocks?

Shamrocks are a synonymous symbol of Ireland and they stand for luck. Why do you think that is?  The saying “the luck of the Irish” or a plethora of shamrocks gives the great impression that Ireland is steeped in fortune and prosperity. It really does. We believe based on what we have seen so often […]

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How to Pack for St. Paddy’s Day

Ever wonder what to bring with you for St. Paddy’s? Here’s how to create the perfect day bag. St. Paddy’s day is a day to celebrate a wonderful saint. Spirits are alive and in full force because the day has become synonymous with Ireland. No matter where you are in the word, March 17th is […]

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Wedded Synchronicity and the Emerald Isle

Destination weddings are something that many couples are investing in. Ever wonder why one such occasion would be best in Ireland?  Getting hitched in a destination wedding could make your wildest dreams come true. While choosing a spot can be tricky. there are several things to consider. Being Irish is a great motivator to plan […]

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Where Would You Rather Spend Paddy’s Day?

Dublin hosts a massive festival with events over a few days, but it isn’t the only St. Patrick’s Day party around. Rural towns around the island offer a different kind of charm for our national holiday. Which is more your style? Ireland’s capital city puts on a dazzling celebration for our national holiday, St. Patrick’s […]

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