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Toppling Statues Before It Was Cool

We’re seeing more and more reports of protesters toppling questionable statues lately. In Ireland, we were disposing of offensive monuments long before it was cool. It’s part of our heritage that doesn’t get much attention. Nelson’s Pillar once stood in O’Connell Street, where it towered over the capital city’s widest street from 1808 to 1966 […]

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1920: De Valera in the USA

One hundred years ago, Eamon De Valera began the new year in the United States of America. He had arrived there the previous June, coming in his capacity as president of the first Irish legislature to lobby for recognition of the emerging Irish state. The first legislature was actually elected before Ireland gained independence from […]

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Two Faces of Ireland Share a Birthday

No nation or culture can be represented fairly by just one person. If any two men could between them manage to convey the essence of Irishness, it would be Oscar Wilde and Michael Collins. These vastly different men both shaped Irish history, culture and identity in very different ways – and they share a birthday. […]

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