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Roots & Romance: Meghan Markle in Ireland

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and her husband Prince Harry are getting the royal treatment for their visit to Dublin this week. Markle, who arrived wearing a simple but stunning dark green dress from Givenchy, is living every Irish American’s dream. She is being presented with details of her Irish roots and visiting some of […]

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Celebrating Ireland around the World

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone around the world is Irish. Our patron saint is feted on every continent with parades, festivals and glorious, green decorations. But one group of people is famous for leaving Ireland on our big day: our elected officials. While Dublin throws a massive party featuring top North American marching bands, our […]

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Sparkle & Sentiment for Harry & Meghan

Nothing sparks joy like seeing a happy couple take the next step and get engaged.  The world is rejoicing along with Prince Harry and his beloved Meghan Markle, who recently ended much speculation when they announced their engagement. People love it when a woman finds her real-life prince, whether or not they’re going to live […]

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Why Doesn’t Ireland Have a Government?

Ireland held elections on February 26th, yet no new government has been formed. What does that mean and what will happen next?  Is Ireland tumbling into complete political chaos? Many Americans are confused when they hear that Ireland does not have a government. Of course, we have do have political institutions and civil bureaucracy is […]

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The Second Battle of Dublin’s Moore Street

Moore Street in Dublin was a key battle site in the 1916 Easter Rising, and it recently came under attack again by property developers who wanted to replace the buildings with a shopping center. Dubliners were having none of it. Visitors to Ireland might be surprised by the number of historic heritage sites everywhere as […]

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What Would President Trump Do?

Presidential elections are only a year away in the United States, and it looks like it could be a very long, very tense year for the estimated 50,000 Irish in America without authorization.  Republican candidate Donald Trump has made his anti-immigration stance a central part of his campaign, and his comments about immigrants, particularly Mexicans, have […]

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