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Take Her Breath Away

If you want to take his or her breath away on a great romantic getaway, then Ireland has many choices at your disposal.

Often a perfect getaway will include quaint little activities, cozy spaces and areas that offer ambiance so that you and your beloved can feel alone in a sea of imagery. We don’t need to wonder why most people don’t escape to big cities or bustling landscapes in order to feel romance. Romance requires intimate locations where you are undisturbed and calm.

Ireland has many of these places, just pick a county.

A great town to get lost in and to immerse yourself into your surroundings with a loved one is Kinsale. Kinsale is located right on the water in Southern Ireland and is perfect for those who have a boat or enjoy water activities. Kinsale has a yacht club, which is The Kinsale Yacht Club for those looking to park a boat.  They offer classes to teach sailing, racing boats and a nice location to drop your anchor.

For a brief video on this beautiful town see this video below. 

The Kinsale boat hire is a business where you can rent a boat and take it out on the water, go fishing or just have some quiet time. Sovereign Sailing offers yachts for rental. Some can be chartered and others may be rented for personal use as long as you have the right permits.

If you are looking for romance on the water, any of those suggestions are suitable. The sea gives the pleasing atmosphere that many couples crave. Kinsale and Southern Ireland offer all of the views and inspiration to let happiness blossom.

If you have decided that your special guest on the sea, is the one that you’d prefer to keep around on a forever-type of basis, then having the appropriate ring is a must. This Celtic solitaire diamond ring will convey the message that resides in your heart.


Celtic Diamond Ring 14K Yellow And White Gold Princess Cut Br1 Pr

This ring will work for someone looking to make a commitment with their partner or girlfriend. It contains both yellow and white gold rather than just one metal. This can be compared to two distinct personalities, spirits, minds and bodies finally combining into one unit. The message that this ring signifies is profound and lasting.

The solitaire also has two trinity knots on the shoulders of the ring. The trinity knot has everlasting implications in a ring such as this. The knot signifies something that will go on forever and ever. For those who believe in their love lasting throughout this lifetime and hope to find in their union a new and deeper love that is eternal, this symbol will deliver.


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