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Thinking about Taking the Leap This Year Ladies?

Of course now women can propose marriage, but long ago it was only acceptable on one day – February 29th. Popping the question takes a bit of courage no matter who does it, but ladies can take heart from this Irish Leap Year tradition.

by Matt Wharton
by Matt Wharton

Pity your foremothers when society dictated that they could not make the first move, ask a man out or propose marriage. They needed enormous patience and fortitude to communicate that yes indeed, it was time to talk about rings or move on. Some lads are just slow on the uptake due to their own insecurity or lack of interest in planning ahead, and some are deliberately evasive. It could not have been easy to make the distinction back when women were expected to simply sit back and wait for Prince Charming to amble along and notice them.

Today, we run companies and countries. We ask men for dances and dates. (We ask other women too of course.) But we are still not so likely to pop the question when we’ve found Mr. Right. It’s scary. Men are scared to ask too! But this is leap year, and that’s a break for women who know they want to make it official and don’t want to wait any longer for their other half to speak up.

two tone claddaghLong ago, Brigid took this up with Patrick. Our other patron saint was not one to sit back and let men run everything, and honestly a look at Brehon Law shows us that Irish women have a long history of not being delicate, shirking violets. Christianity was not the only belief that arrived from afar; rigid gender roles came along too. But it was agreed between Ireland’s two most beloved saints that women were allowed to propose to men on February 29th…. once every four years.

Engagement Rings for Him

trinity knotWhen a man proposes, he often has a ring at the ready. When words fail in the intensity of the moment, a stunning engagement ring speaks. Whether it is carefully presented with a meal at a restaurant or shyly, silently pulled from a pocket, an engagement ring has wow factor and once on a finger, announces the impending wedding to all. So if you are planning to propose to a man, why miss out on this? Both members of an engaged couple can delight in engagement rings. And yes, you can find masculine, Irish rings for him.

by JFXie
by JFXie

sparkly claddaghA Claddagh engagement ring is a sure win. It’s a design that men have always worn, and it romantically symbolizes your feelings of love, loyalty and friendship. It is a classic that comes in a wide range of styles to suit any fellow from the simple, traditional design to two tone white and yellow gold and even styles with a dash of diamonds. The trinity knot is another popular image for gents’ rings. This design symbolizes eternity, among other things, so it is a perfect symbol of undying love.

by Chichacha
by Chichacha

If you’re a woman dreaming of a future with your fellow, this is the ideal time for you to pop the question. Sisters have been doing the asking in leap years since the days of St. Patrick and St. Brigid, so if you’ve been talking about your future without actually getting engaged, it might be the right time to ask him to marry you.

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