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The Glory of an Irish Autumn

courtesy of Flickr user kilgarron
courtesy of Flickr user kilgarron

Here in Ireland, the colors of the trees are changing as they are in North America.

  We might not be able to compete with the glory of New England, but we are not lacking in autumn splendor.  If you don’t mind the cold and the damp, this is a beautiful time in Ireland that offers a rainbow of rich tones beyond our famous 40 shades of green.

Oak trees are changing from rich green to brighter yellows, oranges and reds accessorized with acorns.  Birches are dropping their leaves to reveal their silvery white trunks.  Hazel nuts dot the trees in light green husks while their leaves curl and slowly turn brown and drop.  The holly holds out, keeping its vibrant green and preparing to add red berries.

Autumn gold emerald claddagh ring


Of course, embracing autumn goes beyond admiring trees.  It’s also the time of year when we pack away the summer clothes and take out the woolens and the tweed, the rich jewel toned dresses and jackets and of course the wellies.  It’s the time when just like Mother Nature, we trade the pastels for deeper, richer tones.


courtesy of Flickr user John Flanagan

Beyond 40 Shades of Green

What colors reflect autumn in Ireland?

  • courtesy of Flickr user Eskling
    courtesy of Flickr user Eskling

    Green and Gold: Throughout Ireland at this time of year you will see green giving way to gold. As the leaves of a tree slowly change and as the trees framing a green field turn color this gorgeous combination greets us at every turn.  Maybe this is why we’re naturally drawn to emeralds set in gold.  Maybe at some deep level, they connect us to the colors of nature in autumn.



  • Autumn silver sparkleStone and Sparkling Silver: What is more Irish than the ruins of a castle in the rain? The pewter color remains of the once invincible fortress seen through sparkling drops of rain are a stunning sight reflecting our culture and climate.  A walk through Dublin’s cobbled streets on a drizzly autumn evening when the street lights hit the rain offers more of the unexpected beauty we can glimpse in the ordinary.  A dazzling clear stone set in rich silver has the same appeal.



  • Autumn red engagementRich, Radiant Red: Holly berries, rosehips and those extraordinary red leaves shining among the oranges and browns are Mother Nature’s pop of color for this season. She doesn’t overdo it and bombard us with red, but you definitely notice it.  A single ruby red stone in a piece of jewelry has the same impact as one spectacular tree with vibrant leaves in a forest of deep greens and browns.


courtesy of Flickr user Irish Typepad
courtesy of Flickr user Irish Typepad

If you are looking for wardrobe and accessory choices that reflect autumn in Ireland, this is your pallet.  These have been the tones of the season here since the days of the ancient Celts.  You can look at the rain as dreary or see it as a life-giving force that nurtures us and shines like jewels when the sun peaks out and hits the drops clinging to trees and stone walls.  Why not embrace the colors of an Irish autumn?

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