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Where the Good Kind of Drama Exists

There is great drama to be found on the Emerald Isle. Do you know where to look?

There are the right kinds of drama and the ones that are best to be avoided. Water cooler chat, gossiping and meddling parties need not be your standard definition of partaking and enjoying the dramas of life. In fact, at the risk of even using the word drama, it tends to be one that is often associated with negative qualities. However, what happened to the original definition of drama which was meant to refer to an act or a play?

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In fact,”do you like dramas?” is a great opening question for anyone. Also, I really don’t remember the last time someone told me that they were going to see a drama. Although, creating one is another story and I say that in jest.

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Usher in the best creators for drama who are actors. They portray a play or a story while on the stage and the topics are the direct opposite of comedies. The actions tend to be more serious, melancholy or moving. I’ll admit, I have my moments where I prefer one over the other, yet, there are some people who stick steadfast to one or the other.

Ireland has a great drama festival that has been in existence since 1953. It is called RTE All Drama Festival and it is held in Athlone each year. This year it is being held April 28-May 7th.

This is a really cool festival. It is actually a competition between amateur drama troupes from aorund Ireland. On the last night, there is a dinner and the winners of the competition are announced. Sounds like a great time right? Well, it is.

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Athlone is a great place to have a nice retreat while enjoying the festivities. There is Glendeer Pet Farm which is a great place for families to go out to for the day. They have baby animals and different areas where you can interact with various kinds of animals. This would be a great experience for kids.

There is also an equestrian centre, various hiking trails, museums and tours. If you are in Athlone, one place you’ll definitely want to check out is Athlone Castle. Built in the 12th century, Athlone today offers picnics and gorgeous vies of the area. Making a trip out to this city for the drama festival can turn into a great extended journey.



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