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Great Wisdom from Dagda’s Harp

The legend of Dagda’s Harp is a typical good versus evil tale with an Irish twist. Have you ever read it?

You might be disappointed to learn that the “Legend of Dagda’s Harp” isn’t just an instructional manual on how to play the harp. In fact, they are wonderful devices most often used at weddings or ceremonies to create peaceful ambiance. They even seem to have a heavenly aspect to them. Author, Sharan Newman, wrote about this famed Irish legend in her book, “Legend of Dagda’s Harp,” recently published about two years ago.

Although the Dagda is an important god when speaking of Irish mythology, he was also considered to be a “good god.” Legend says that part of his ensemble which accompanied him everywhere was a mysterious harp. The harp was able to control many things like the seasons and to make everything right in the world.


The Tuatha de Danaan were supernatural beings long ago and they had blond hair and blue-eyes. They were ever-equipped for battle as they carried heavy spears around with them and perhaps they were even feared. After migrating south to Ireland, their king, Nuada, was hurt. This is where Dagda stepped in and took over the lead for Nuada.

Dagda has been depicted in intersting ways, but what seems to be non-disputed is that he was a man of great influence, force and a propensity for doing good. Had some of this been the other way around, this story might have turned out disastrous.


Dagda was also very gifted with many almost celestial abilities. He didn’t only have a magical harp that could influence Mother Nature and people, he also had an impressive cauldron which was known to be ever-expanding and a source of life.

His power was immense, so much that a rival group known as the Fomorians took his harp; stealing it. The Fomorians were nothing like Dagda and the Tuatha de Danaan and not only in opposing appearances. They may have very well have been as equally capable of evil as strongly as Dagda and Tuatha de Danaan were apt for benevolence.

The Fomorians took the magical harp and stole away to an abandoned castle. They had intended to take over the Tuatha de Danaan people and thought they would succeed with their harp. However, Dagda and his troops found the harp and by using spiritual power, called what was rightfully his back. After regaining the golden harp, he commanded the Fomorians to weep, laugh and finally fall asleep. Dagda was then able to safely escape and the future of the Tuatha de Danaans was secure with Dagda ensuring their protection from the Fomorians.


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