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The Newfound Bow Wow

Do you own a dog or would you like to become a pet owner? Just when you thought you had it all figured out, owning a pet in 2016 demands entirely new standards.

Owning a pet is a delight. You can pick out the exact breed that you want, the particular puppy or dog that appeals most to you and finally, you get to name it anything that you want. It sounds so liberating that, at times, it is hard to imagine all the responsibilities that come with owning a canine, until you’ve actually owned one.

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This could be a Lucky, Midnight or Peppy. Naming a dog is all in the personality and what sounds good to the owner. It also helps to name your dog something easily recognizable for him or her.



















Vet bills, food, medications and dog items start out the list of where you will spend the bulk of your money on your pet. Nowadays, they even have more and more people purchasing insurance for their pups. Until recently, something like that was unheard of.

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With the year 2016, multiple countries have made it a standard for dog owners to microchip their dogs by no later than April 1st. England, Scotland and Ireland are some of the regions in question that have legally adopted this trend, if you can call it that. But, is it a trend or is it a necessity?

As short as a few decades ago, microchips weren’t even offered and then it became a somewhat-seeming luxury for the people who wanted it. Today, if you live in an area where it has become law to have this done for your dogs, you could be facing expensive fines for not having one. I suppose the question many people are now asking is why?


In fact, at one time, it was seen as only an option. Now, there are strong arguments from many divisions who say that microchips are actually beneficial to society. The apparent rise in animal shelters and what appears to be an influx of businesses aimed at aiding pups in need serves to contradict the existence of having enough responsible dog owners. Where honorable dog owners were once just admired, now they are vehemently required.

It isn’t just unpleasant to consider animal neglect or other injuries to canines, but perhaps too much has been seen and experienced by those who advocate on the side of humane treatment for dogs. Not that it ever was alright, unacceptable pet ownership was at least frowned upon, once upon a time. Now legally in certain places, it will be seen as more expensive to neglect your pup than it would be to take the accountable route. History has proven that money is an all encompassing motivator to make important changes when needed. And I suppose, the dogs of the world and enough responsible human beings will be content with these alterations.



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