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The Wonders of Ireland and all its Magic and Mystery

What draws you to Ireland?

What draws you to Ireland? Is it the mystery, magic, or the majestic ancient ruins of a people who once gathered to celebrate the seasonal movements of the sun? Or the warmth of an Irish pub filled with laughter and live traditional music?

Was it your grandmother’s stories of the old country or the poems of WB Yeats or the tales of one of Ireland’s more modern writers such as Emma Donoghue or Colm Toibin? Whether your tastes run to The Quiet Man, The Field, or The Van, one of Ireland’s 40 shades of green is your color. Which one is up to you?

The Fun and Music

In March, everyone can feel Irish for at least a day. St Patrick’s Day is a time to celebrate Ireland’s heritage and influence around the world. Everyone is welcome, and everyone can express their connection to Ireland in their own, personal way through music, dance, clothing, and of course Irish jewelry. It’s all about the ceol agus craic – the fun and music.

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Ireland’s Big Day

Patrick himself wasn’t Irish; he was born in Scotland and was of Roman descent. His feast day began as a sombre day of holy obligation where Catholics attended mass. But that quickly changed. From early scattered celebrations in Florida, New York, and Massachusetts, St Patrick’s Day has gone global with parades and festivals all over the globe – in normal times, that is.

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When he used the shamrock to explain the trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to the Irish, Patrick bestowed an enduring symbol to the nation. What’s Paddy’s Day without the shamrock?! Whether it is a live sprig of the little leaves, a T-shirt, or a stunning piece of Irish jewelry, this is the day to don that famous plant and celebrate.

As you search, you’ll find ample evidence that Irish culture is resilient. You’ll see how it has come back stronger and thrived after bigger setbacks than this pandemic. And maybe you’ll want to develop a serious relationship with your own sense of Irishness, rather than an annual one-day fling.

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How we keep our Irishness Every Day

Our Irishness is important to many of us every day. It’s part of who we are, whether it has shaped our family traditions for generations or won our hearts when we discovered it through travel, music, books or movies. And we want to celebrate it often. Some of us choose a signature piece of jewelry with our favorite Irish motifs such as a Celtic cross, intricate knotwork, or a Claddagh. We might have one piece we wear almost daily and another for occasions when we dress up. Jewelry is a beautiful way to express your love of Ireland and your own Celtic connections.

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What about you, how do you celebrate your Irish connection? Pop in the comments below, we would love to know.

Slán go fóill