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These Charming Beads Please!

Wearing a bracelet might befit you for good luck or some, other something. What charm would you pick to wear and for what reason?

When it comes to Ireland, things like magic and wizardry aren’t at all that far fetched. After all, Ireland is the land where leprechauns, fairies and pots of gold at the end of every rainbow originated. Because many of these legends or common associations are directly tied to Ireland, it would seem sensible to suppose that many of the people here are, at least, tolerant of thoughts surrounding these topics. Perhaps, one could say that Ireland is a judgement free zone when it comes to many supernatural concepts.


Druids and practicing witches are definitely around the republic. In fact, they are facing forward, not afraid or ashamed of who they believe themselves to be. They speak, write and offer to help or educate others about what it is that they do. The thing about mysticism is that it is not a tangible concept; not at all.

What do you think this charm would signify?

When a person feels effected by something of the divine, it is hardly ideal that we can take a snapshot of it to show others or even explain it. Things like spells, magic and charms are the kinds of items we look to for support, motivation or for positive encouragement. Only we can gauge the effect that these supposed mystical things have on us. It’s a much harder thing to prove it.

For the pracitcal people out there, we might reluctantly try our luck without the help of a superstitious item only to have our next twenty-four hours fall apart. It would, therefore, be tmb_918easy to explain that away to not having that special moment of that something that helps to keep us grounded or secure. But, the truth is that we will never know if that really is the cause for our luck or downfall. There really is no concrete way to know that for sure.

What a person can do is to choose to be confident in a particular line of action. If a person prays every night and that brings him some sort of solace or comfort, then by all means, it makes no sense to throw that away, deprive him or question him on the whys and hows. When it comes down to it, things that are unknown are often based on what we believe and how we feel about them. And in actuality, it would never be right to tell another person that what they value or think is essential to their livelihood is wrong. So, go ahead and grab a charm, if it seems to call out to you. Wear it for whatever purpose you most desire and let no one interfere with whatever it is that you find as a source of balance.


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