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Three Irish Proposal Ideas

The Celtic trinity knot, or triquetra, lends itself very well to engagement and wedding rings. The shape is a natural frame for gems, and it is rich in meanings.

 Part of this distinctive motif’s charm is that is reflects to many meanings based on the concept of a trinity or triptych.


Early Celtic Christians used it to refer to the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But has also been used to reflect time – the past, the present and the future. That makes it an ideal icon for a Celtic engagement ring. It also suggests some unforgettable proposal ideas. Here are three romantic wedding proposal ideas you can make your own.

She’s a Treasure

Treasure hunts are a fun way to build a little suspense. She’ll know something big is coming, and all the possibilities will race through her mind. You can create a treasure hunt with a Celtic theme leading up to you waiting with a stunning Celtic engagement ring.

The best part is that in keeping you with the trinity knot theme, you only need three steps in this hunt. You can chose a memento from the past, perhaps something linked to your first date or first kiss, as the first treasure. Incluce a clue about where to find the second treasure. The second one can be something related to the present, a recent photo of you together or a note about what you love about your life together right now, along with a clue about where to find the third treasure.  And then… the last step is the big question.

Winding Ribbon Trail

Create a trail for her to follow around the house or a park with a ribbon in the shape of a trinity knot. Along the ribbon, attach photos of the two of you together over the course of the relationship. You can also include notes about why you love her, written memories and poems. Use as many as you like for this idea. And at the end of it, which is actually the beginning, you are waiting with a gorgeous Irish engagement ring featuring the trinity knot.


Make It Musical

If you want to really embrace an Irish theme for your proposal, your local Irish pub might be the best place. Toast with a pint instead of champagne, and do it your own way. If you can find a night with live Irish trad music, perhaps the band could play a special song. The traditional ballad Star of the County Down would be fitting, and Van Morrison’s Have I Told You Lately is also a perfect song. The band might have their own favourite romantic Irish songs they could recommend too.

However and wherever you propose, putting your own special twist on the big question makes it unforgettable. If you want to honor your Irish roots or hers with a Celtic knotwork engagement ring, why not take it step further by including an Irish theme in your proposal.

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