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Throw out the candy necklaces! Shanore has you covered.


It’s hard to say how the love of the jewelry begins


. A psychoanalyst could make a sound argument for the associations formed between necklace and mother or father (some dads wear chains!).

And it’s almost iconic—the image of the toddler, held aloft in mom’s arms, necklace in teething mouth, drool droplets spattered about but as long as there’s no crying, things are okay.

Not a shocker when, years later, the allure of the ne


cklace seizes all that is holy and exerts an almost crippling pull. Must h-a-v-e! whispers a voice from deep within. The advent of candy necklaces do not help.

The Hypnotic-to-Watch Eating of the Candy Necklace

Sensitive to the strong associations surrounding the child-jewelry relationship, Shanore introduces a line of jewelry specifically tailored to and crafted for children called Little Miss. Gone are the days of the candy necklace or the associations of teething comforts and mom necklaces. Now, the little kiddos can wear their own necklaces and charms.


The collection ranges from charms and pendants imaginatively depicting such things as the Irish tricolor green, white and orange in a rainbow ending with a shamrock or even a Claddagh to Trinity Crosses and Trinity Knots, but accented in hot pink or festooned in polka dots.

This line of jewelry is cute, playful and beautiful. At the same time, it never strays far from the Irish-Celtic symbolism that we fully realize the older we get.


The Silver Celtic Trinity Diamond Bird pendant and necklace are all fashioned from sterling silver and plated in rhodium, a rare metal enhancing the reflective properties. If it looks more shiny than normal, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is not a normal sterling-silver sheen.

The dove, a universal sign of peace, is given an Irish flair with the body embossed in Irish green. A diamond sparkles as the eye of the dove and ivory color accents make up the olive branch carried by the dove. Above it all is a trinity knot fastening the pendant to the necklace.

Candy necklaces have nothing on this.



Photo Credits: Blind Spot Jewellery (Little Kiddo),


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