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Tis the Season for Emerald and Sapphire

With Christmas and the holiday season quickly approaching we have a dual set of engagement and wedding rings that celebrate Irish tradition which will be sure to make your loved one gasp.

The Claddagh is such a popular item as far as traditional Irish rings go which is why furnishing them as engagements rings came as such a clever idea at ShanOre. We combine the iconic Claddagh with the elegance of an engagement ring that many couples are now killing two birds with one heart-shaped stone when tying the knot. However, each ring has more than several stones.

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Your choice here is the heart shaped emerald in white gold or fourteen karat yellow gold. Then we have the heart shaped sapphire in white gold  or fourteen karat yellow gold and it is important to recognize that all four gems are placed around a bed of diamonds. Each engagement ring has a perfectly matched wedding band in our collection as well with one in white gold and one in fourteen karat yellow gold.

If you are traditionally Irish and perhaps a bit of a sentimentalist, than this ring is for you! Having read up on the legend and myth behind the Claddagh, I’ve seen that it is purely for the romantics out there who want their partnerships to be everlasting! In today’s world, most couples have had their battles and have come to a point where making a commitment is such an investment, so what better way to do that then with something in which legends and tradition have been built upon?

You and your loved one can look back at this ring and know that it is meant to endure as the Claddagh represents love, friendship and fidelity. We here at ShanOre encourage the reaping of that tutelage and growth in your years to come as a couple through anniversaries, holidays and celebrations.

The only choices you need make here are relatively simple which are in the stone and the metal of your choice. From there, it is so purposeful as this ring will serve as a certain fate for your relationship that will likely be seen as a good omen by others around you and proof that you have confidence and faith that yours will be one worth lasting in the many years to come.

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