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To Have or To Have Knot

Tying the knot isn’t just an expression. How can you include tying a knot into your wedding ceremony?

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We’ve all heard the expression “tying the knot.” We usually say it when congratulating someone who is getting married.This adage originated centuries ago where folklore claims that it came from none other than mattress springs. Before metal was used to hold a mattress, rope was utilized. Suggesting that one “tie the knot” was simply to suggest that one secure the foundation of a relationship when making a commitment. Like the analogy of a bed that needs support from a spring, so does a marriage need encouragement to stand strong. Today couples are faced with many influences and suggestions on how to make their marriage work. The question they ultimately face is which direction to take.

This dual toned, gent’s ring has a perfect line of Trinity knots in the center of it’s band.

The answer depends on the couple. Some pairs rely completely on their families to guide them while some count on religion or culture. This choice inevitably boils down to what things the two people in the union value the most.

This ladies ring is a lovely example of incorporating Celtic knots into a wedding band.

There are multiple kinds of knots that a duo can chose from when looking to add one to their wedding. A fisherman’s knot is a universal symbol of a tie that is meant to withstand anything. It is a knot that ironically gets stronger when there is more pressure applied to it. It would make sense why it originated from fishermen since the seas can consistently change. This also applies to a lifetime commitment. You may marry when you are young and optimistic, however, as you grow older, you and your spouse may encounter things that are unexpected. Loss and hardship is a given in life, as well as prosperity and fortune. You’ve got to take the good with the bad and although couples can flourish while times are great they frequently struggle when times are tough. Therefore a union should be built to withstand anything that may cross a couple’s path.

Another popular knot is God’s knot. This knot is often seen in Chritan weddings where it is comprised of three different colored ropes. Each string represents either God, the bride or the groom. It is not dissimliar to a triquetra or Trinity knot. Both of them have three different elements for the symbol whereas God’s Knot is Christian in nature, the triquetra comes from Paganism.

Having knots doesn’t stop at the ceremony. Finding a piece of jewelry with knots in the design is even more compelling. The ceremony may come and go, but the ring will be a long lasting symbol. Choosing rings that are embellished with knots is a good sign and a choice that seems to demonstrate a desire for relationship endurance.

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