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Trip to Ireland: Collect An Irish Treasure

Finding your way to Ireland this year? Make it a little bit of fun when you set out to collect a treasure!

Ireland is not like many other places in this world. In fact, it is considered to be one of the luckiest places by both legend and folklore. Planning a trip here is where you will want to start, but make sure you add an extra item to your carry-on.

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The beach or in the sand is a great place to find cool treasures! MorgueFile.

You can use anything for storage. I might suggest a shoebox, large envelope or even a plastic container. This treasure hunt is a game that nearly anyone can do. If you have kids traveling with you, hand them each a small envelope or container with their name on it. Then before your trip, read them some stories about Ireland’s magic like, “Finn McCool and the Great Fish.” Here are some other great stories that you may want to try.

file1131242575896 (1)The great thing about finding a treasure in Ireland is that what ones sees as treasure is completely in the eye of the beholder. Just like the expression “one’s man trash, another man’s treasure “attempts to explain, it is actually quite a relevant idea to consider when picking things of value and importance to you.

When you get to your destination, go for a walk on a local beach. Find a field where you can go hiking that may have blooming flowers. Go to a stream and take your chance at fishing. There are so many options available. Each member in your traveling group can pick a destination of their choice.

Bring your treasure collectors with you. Put them in a backpack or bag and when you start to really get into Ireland, encourage yourself and others to keep things of importance wherever you go. If you go out to eat at an amazing restaurant, save a napkin with the logo on it or grab a business card or even a matchbook, if they have them. Brochures make other great, free items that you can add to your precious, treasure pouch. But, whatever you do, please don’t steal anything!

You may notice that as everyone collectsstormy beach day MGD© (1) items, the more and more they will come to value and want to keep their treasure’s nearby. After all, they started out as just empty pockets and one by one, they were filled with special memories or things that were important to the person retrieving them.

At the end of your trip, you can all dump out what you have found and if you choose, share what you found with the group. Or, you can decide to keep your memorabilia private. Then, once you arrive safely back home, you can either transfer all the items to something like a keepsake box or display them in a clear, encased frame. The best part is that when you look at this, you will forever be remind of your awesome journey and all the memories will come flooding back.

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