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Unwrap Gorgeous Garnet for January Birthdays

If you’re celebrating a birthday in January, you can keep that New Year’s party vibe going a bit longer.  Your birthstone is the bright and vibrant garnet, so of course you should paint the town red and celebrate to the hilt.


Every year we hear about how some Monday in January is the saddest day of the year.  It’s rubbish of course.  It was made up by a public relations company to explain why people book holidays at certain times.

The start of a new year for you and for the world is cause to celebrate, not sulk.  And your dazzling red garnet birthstone is a great symbol of that.

box-2388_1920Plenty of downright revolutionary people were born in January.  Both Betsy Ross and Paul Revere celebrated on the 1st, as did J.D. Salinger, author of Catcher in the Rye.  January 6th is the feast of Epiphany – and the birthday of both Nigella Lawson and Joan of Arc.  Scientist Stephen Hawkings has a birthday on the 7th, which was also celebrated by Elvis and David Bowie.  Orlando Bloom’s birthday is the 13th, and Kevin Costner’s is the 18th.  Legendary soul singer Sam Cooke was born on January 22nd, as was philosopher Francis Bacon.  Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, will be celebrating her birthday on January 26th.  Baseball super star Jackie Robinson and punk rock star John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) were born on the 31st.

Garnet – the Red Revered by Romans

claddagh-ringThe ancient Romans were understandably very fond of garnets.  They used this beautiful gem in signet rings.  Signet rings date back to Old Testament times.  These rings feature an engraved design that is pressed into soft wax.  The engraving functioned like a signature.  Garnets have an average Mohs hardness rating of seven, so while they are durable enough that some Roman garnet jewelry still exists, it’s possible to do detailed engraving on the gem.  The Romans also wore garnet in other pieces of jewelry just because it’s gorgeous.

Claddagh Birthstone January Pendant Adorned With Swarovski Crystal Sw101GWhile garnet signet rings were extremely functional and beautiful, some felt the gem also had spiritual properties.  Ancients warned that whatever you did while wearing a garnet would be returned to you.  If you put on your favorite piece of garnet jewelry and spent the day being kind and thoughtful, you would receive kindness and good fortune.  But if you were wearing garnet when you stole something or cheated someone, beware!

birthday-candles-579117_1920If you know a January birthday girl who is apt to perform random acts of kindness, why not get her a piece of Irish jewelry featuring her birthstone?  You never know, it might just send more random kindness back at her.  A Celtic pendant featuring her festive red birthstone and some sparkling cubic zirconia will be just the thing to brighten up her birthday.  Or maybe the deeply meaningful Claddagh symbolizing love, friendship and loyalty is a better expression of your feelings for her.

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