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Ushering Out Love and Reigning in the Luck

Staying on top of the holidays is something we like to do.  What does each holiday mean to you? 

When it comes to the holidays, they all have different meanings, symbols and attitudes that surround them. Valentines Day comes early in the year and we tend to see a lot of pink, love and hearts during this time. I have even noticed that people seem to feel much more love and appreciation during this brief period.  But, as sure as Valentine’s Day leaves us, we go right into a new holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. This day brings in a whole host of other insights and reflections. What do you typically feel during this time of the year?

St. Paddy’s Day is a holiday known for luck and four-leaf clovers. Even a traditional, three-leafed clover will do!

Not everyone celebrates St. Paddy’s Day795 with such fervor, however. Those with Irish heritage are the main participants who get out and about preparing or caught up in all sorts of anticipation. That is not to say that people without any Irish in their blood are unaffected. In fact, the charisma, superstition and promises of good fortune and luck motivate different people alike to join in on the celebration.

Those of us who enjoy decorating, jubilation and spirited events are very aware of the shift from one holiday to the next. We pick up on the perceptions of others and eventually form an opinion of what that particular holiday is supposed to bring. So, when you think of St. Patrick’s Day and what it typically means, what sorts of things come to mind first?

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Many of us would say that the color green is a typical recollection. Alot of us also think about luckiness and the legend that we must wear green or we will get pinched by somebody as a big part of it. Many people wear apparel that says things like “kiss me, I’m Irish” and oftentimes we see green beer, rivers and other items that would typically be of a different hue. These are the things that this holidays seems to bring to mind quite easily.

Maybe some of us have different memories or thoughts about what this holiday means to them. Perhaps some of these things are very personal, but whatever they are, there is a reason why we hold them so dear to our hearts.

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