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For Your Valentine: Giving Them the Best

Do you know how to impart a little bit of love into your Valentine’s Day? Try something new.
This Valentine’s Day try something different and maybe a little bit less cookie-cutter. For most romantic couples, the ritual for Valentine’s involves things like sending flowers to work and going out for a intimate dinner. I admit that the media tends to highlight these occasions like these are the standard expectations.

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However, I admit that I, like many women, enjoy the less main-streamed ideas for the holiday. It is a notable day, but it is also one infused with so much competition and a desire to outdo one another. The way I see it, when it comes to loving another person, it should never be a contest. It should be an expression or an extension of what a person really feels.

This is not to say “don’t go out to eat on Valentine’s Day. “Maybe, you should. Perhaps, it is a tradition for you and your partner to always spend the holiday going out to some place for a meal, but there is no hard and fast rule that says you must go to a classical restaurant with violins and filet mignon. There are plenty of smaller, more private and quaint locations to take someone out for a meal.

Diners are always good ideas. Even grills and home-cooked meals are appreciated for this type of occasion. I have mentioned flowers, but they don’t always have to be sent to work. You can hand-pick a bouquet and deliver it in person.

Gifts are what I tihnk makes love and Valentine’s Day the best of all. You can be creative when wrapping and giving someone a token of your devotion. It is completely up to you. When you give someone you love a gift, try to make it a purchase from your heart and an example of how you truly feel. Now is not the time of year for practical ideas, but instead it is the time for bigger gestures that invoke a sense of imagination and even inspiration.

Jewelry is probably the most sentimental gift of all because it is is personal. The item you pick is unique and therefore, it is as special as the person you are giving it to. When you present them with it, that gesture shows what you really hold true. This year, be gracious to the person you adore the most. Hand over something that is a token of what you love about them. Hint: hearts, flowers and representations of love always work well!

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