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Is Valentine’s Day Best for an Irish Proposal?

Christmas Eve and New Year’s are two of the most popular days of the year to propose marriage. But St. Valentine’s is also at the top of the list for best days to pop the question.

And that makes sense. After all, it’s the most romantic day of the year, a day dedicated to love.

We could even argue that proposing on St. Valentine’s Day is perfect for anyone with Irish roots because while Valentine wasn’t from Ireland, he’s here now. Well, part of him is. Whitefriar’s Church in downtown Dublin is the final resting place of one of the saint’s relics. It’s only a stone’s throw from the leafy and lovely St. Stephen’s Green, an ideal spot for a romantic walk.

A traditional Irish proposal was to ask ‘would you like to be buried with my people?’ That might explain why Paris pipped Dublin for the ‘city of love’ accolades. The Irish translation of the phrase ‘will you marry me?’ is an bpósfaidh tu me? That’s pronounced ‘on boe-sig two may’.  Or you could try the traditional Irish phrase nil aon leigheas ar an gra ach posadh, pronounced ‘neel ain lay-gus air on graw ock pus-id. That means ‘the only cure for love is marriage’. Then again, given how tricky the Irish language is, you might want to avoid confusion and ask in English! You can add a simple ‘gra go deo’ (love forever) if you want to include some Irish words of love.

Tips for an Irish Marriage Proposal

If you decide to propose on St. Valentine’s Day, you can embrace Dublin’s link to the patron saint of love by adding some Irish touches to your proposal. In general, quiet and cozy is more Irish than an elaborate or public proposal. Think about whether you’d like to ask indoors or outdoors. Indoor options with an Irish flair include anywhere with a roaring fire, trad music or good pints – preferably all of the above! Home can also be a very cozy and private place to propose, which is perfect for many people. Outdoors, what about a walk along the beach? This is an island after all. A quiet countryside walk past green fields would also set the mood.

An engagement ring is a very important symbol of the step you are taking, and you can choose from a variety of Irish styles. Nothing is more Irish than an emerald in a Claddagh. A diamond set in a Celtic knot motif represents eternity and very clearly says gra go deo. If you have a family heirloom gem you want to use in the engagement ring, you can have it set in an Irish design.

How you ask is very personal. It really depends on your style and your partner’s.  Maybe you want to create an elaborate trail of sentimental items and little cards each with one word of your proposal for your beloved to find. Some ladies would love to open a box of chocolates and find an engagement ring, while others would roll their eyes. There is no one-size-fits-all marriage proposal! But if you know her well enough to know you want to go through the ups and downs of life with her, you know what kind of proposal will melt her heart. Of course, you could casually ask where in Ireland she’d like to go for the honeymoon.

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