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Wearing Your Triquetra

Triquetras go back for centuries. The history of the triquetras, or trinity knots, is quite a fascinating one as well. In it’s simplest understanding a trinity knot represents beginning and ending of things. The reason for this is because when you look upon a trinity knot you simply do not see a beginning or an end. The shape just seems to go on forever and takes on an endless flow.

The meanings derived from the triquetras also sit very close to their distinct shapes. Because of their endless appearances, many of the triquetras meanings correlate with themes that personify things that are never ending. For instance, life and death circumstances or channeling a new birth are all tied into triquetras.

In some even primitive ways, the trinity knot was used to ward off evil attacks, sickness. or to give the wearer a boost of good fortune. Many people assume that a triquetra is automatically adjoined with Christianity, but that is not necessarily the case. It is true that many people wear the symbol and like to use it as an expression of their faith, however, others do not even hold Christian beliefs and enjoy wearing the symbol just as much and rightfully so. That is one of the most amazing things about this symbol and one of it’s biggest contradictions.

For those Christians who do wear a triquetra you will most likely hear them express with great enthusiasm the points in which the three symbols or corners of the triquetra represent the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. This has long since been the case for Pagans who held the belief that triquetras are more relevant to the earth, wind and fire. Others could look at this from just a purely general view.and give the labels of mind, body and spirit.

Whichever terms you feel most comfortable with are up to you and personal based on your beliefs. This pendant here is a beautiful and dazzling display for someone looking for a trinity knot with some added flair. It is our 10 Karat gold Diamond Set Trinity Knot Pendant. This piece is made of white gold and diamonds and is very stylish and super classy for the right woman.


We also have a simpler piece that is made of sterling silver. This piece is our Celtic Trinity Knot pendant. It is classic piece for someone looking for a simple design and a simple expression.

Celtic Silver Pearl Necklace Spcp1


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