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Wearing Windy-Weather Jewelry

Ireland is a country that uses wind to it’s advantage. This bears the question: how do you wear jewelry for those windy days?

Is wind such a big deal? Well, yes it is. When it comes to energy and finding innovative ways to keep things moving, while using less resources that are non-renewable, wind is one of the ways to do it. There is also is the help from the sun in some areas, especially the desert. However, since deserts are uncommon here, we’ll look at something that we do have plenty of; wind.

855Ireland is a champ in this area. For example, last December, Ireland used the wind to power almost 40% of it’s electrical needs for the entire month. In other words, only 60% of the energy used was from a resource that we may not see forever. This news is very promising. Can you imagine a time where we might use wind exclusively for our power needs?

Ireland is in third place on a global308 scale for their use of wind energy. This is very exciting and quite an achievement for a smaller-sized country. The use of the surrounding seas is of great benefit to locals as it has been proven that these winds that oftentimes can seem disabling, can in actuality, do alot of good if used in the right way.

Although, no one really loves to get caught out in high winds, the mills that furnish the republic with all that energy have been built not to mind it at all. They can be found offshore and inland and are structurally very unique looking devices. Modern mills create a kind of beauty given directly into their surroundings. They just seem to fit wherever they are.

894As for beauty and jewels, well, that is a different thing entirely especially when considering potentially windy days. Dangling earrings are probably not the top choice to be worn unless you want them blowing left and right. I suggest wearing a simpler pair that is studded or basically more grounded that will do the trick nicely.

And earrings are the pieces you most have to take into account if you are facing winds. Necklaces, unless they are very long, tend to stay put rather nicely. Rings and bracelets also, are less of a worry.

The wind is something mother nature has gifted us with and we have luckily found ways to live in conjunction with it, rather than opposed to it. Sometimes accommodations should be made to make us most comfortable, but all in all, it’s best to blend it all together and live peacefully within the elements that envelop us.

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