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We’re Inspired to See Turtles

Ireland is surrounded by water. Twenty of the 32 counties on this island include coastal land. Our earliest legends feature the sea.

Before the advent of air travel and phones, all contact with the rest of the world involved sea crossings. People and letters came and went by boat.  Perhaps it is in our blood to be fascinated and inspired by the sea and the myriad creatures – real and imagined – for whom it is home.

The artisans at ShanOre became inspired by the sea and launched the Ocean Collection of jewelry. These dazzling pieces feature some of our favorite sea creatures from mythical mermaids to dazzling dolphins to splendid sea turtles. The Ocean Collection has grown into its own line of jewelry, and we want to invite you to dive in and have a look at our Ocean Jewelry Store.

Hope and How to Help

The sea and its creatures give us so much. Watching the waves roll in is one of the most relaxing things in the world. The endless intrigue of the vast, unexplored depths refreshes and nourishes our creativity. A day spent the seaside with family, splashing in the ocean and playing in the sand, is a joyful childhood memory for countless people. We have to ask – what can we give back?

The sea is in trouble. Today, we see a steady stream of distressing images. Gorgeous birds, fish and other creatures tangled in plastic, struggling to escape alive. Piles of litter left behind, and waves dumping ever more garbage on our once delightful shores. But we also see something else. We see people cutting the plastic bags and rings off the frightened creatures and setting them free. Volunteers are out there picking up the litter. Young inventors are devising new technology to clean the oceans. And we have to ask – what can we do? How can we be part of the solution?

Meet SEE Turtles, Our Charity Partner

The Ocean Jewelry Store is proud to partner with SEE Turtles, a charity devoted to protecting sea turtles globally by educating and motivating people. The group offers a range of approaches to educate schoolchildren, retirees and everyone in between. They provide lesson plans to schools and opportunities for hands-on conservation work and education for teens and adults. An early pioneer of eco-tourism, SEE Turtles embraces the belief that we learn by doing. SEE Turtles currently arranges trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Columbia, Cuba and Nicaragua so volunteers can see the turtles, their habit, and the challenges to their survival in person.

We are very excited about their work to help baby sea turtles. Only one in a thousand sea turtle hatchlings survive. It’s a chilling figure. While predators and nature play a role, we are also losing baby turtles due to problems such as pollution and habitat destruction caused by humans. SEE Turtles can save five little turtles for just one dollar. So the Ocean Jewelry Store will donate one dollar for every sale. Every time you purchase a gorgeous piece of sea-themed jewelry, you save five baby turtles. We think that’s beautiful!

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