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When You Wish Upon a Star, What Will Happen?

Crazier things can happen when you wish upon a star. Have any of your wishes ever come true? Try wishing on a comet!

Wishing upon a star is one of those quaint things that we hear about when we are young, much like throwing a coin into a fountain and making a wish. The same goes with birthdays. How many of you think about something you really want before blowing out those candles on your birthday cake? For example, this year I made a wish and I don’t know if it will come true or not. Part of the fun of these wishes is that you aren’t supposed to share them with anyone, hence they may not come true. At least, that is what I think.

Stars and wishes go hand in hand much like PB&J. In the night sky there are other things that come with the territory like constellations, planets, the moon and sometimes, if we are lucky, shooting stars or a comet. At this time of year, every year, we get an opportunity to experience a meteor shower from one of the most well-known comets out there, Halley. The fun actually starts tonight, as I write this.

telescope-187472_1920 (1)
No telescope is required for viewing Halley’s Comet.

From what I understand, the meteor shower will be most spectacular between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. That would have been nice to have known maybe before the night of the occurrence. I’m not sure how many of us will be able to hang outside tonight wearing pajamas in order to view this sight. It is also pretty crucial that where you live, the skies are clear. One thing about comets and meteor showers is that they pick their own times and don’t bow to modern societies views of acceptability.

In order to view this, one has to be willing to set things aside for the time, much like if you were to know that Halley’s Comet was on the way. As I read about this, I remembered that I was young when Halley’s Comet last appeared. I was little, but I was perceptive enough to understand that what was occurring was a big deal. I recall that everyone was talking about it. I also reflect on how it happened at a random time that was far form convenient.

streaming-472987_1920 (1)
A comet is more than just a photograph.

I did get to see it, but I hardly remember it because of my youth. I realize that the next time Halley pops through, I probably won’t be able to see it. And that’s ok. I think that maybe my kids will and I hope they’ll be mature enough to appreciate the thing that they are seeing.

The way I look at it, this thing, ie. this comet, has been all over the place and been seen from too many areas to possibly fathom. It goes way beyond the word global and extends to a word that is more like galactic. Being lucky enough to get the shot of viewing something that powerful, everlasting and phenomenal is worth any inconvenience that is required to see it. It truly is. So, wherever you are, if you are able to, regard these moments with the amount of reverence that they truly deserve. I think that way we live with fewer regrets and an abundance of appreciation.


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