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Where the Roads Lead in Cork

Ireland is divided into four provinces for those who are curious. The southernmost sect is known as Munster. And inside Munster itself, Ireland is broken down even further into counties.

The county that has the most area to it’s name is Cork County.

One could say that Cork County has a great collection of anything and everything geographically-speaking. If you are looking for mountains, there are several ranges to be welcomed.  The Caha, Ballyhoura, and Shehy Mountain ranges all call Cork County home. The highest point is stationed in the Shehy Mountains. Knockboy Peak protrudes from the lush terrain at a distance of 2,100 feet high.

For outdoor enthusiasts who would like the opportunity to exercise, these massifs all garner excellent avenues for adventure. Walks in County Cork provides a traveler with necessary information on trekking in these zones. Patrons can take to the surroundings by foot, horseback or even bike. Be sure to inquire with the local jurisdictions before riding a steed up into an area, however. There are sure to be only certain locations that are suitable for bikes or horses.

Bandon, Blackwater and Lee are all efficient rivers that weave through the Cork terrain. They are a paradise for fishermen. Some of the species one might expect to find in these waters are trouts, salmon, pike and carp. From the looks of it, the wiser explorer would retain a boat to venture out into the waters in order to catch the bigger fish. However, there are sections of these bodies that are calm enough that a ringside seat in the grass would work just as well too.

Permits are required for salmon and sea trout fishing. Fishing in Ireland has some great instruction on what to expect and how best to equip oneself.

If meeting the sea is something you crave, then Cork has something waiting. Sheep’s, Mizen and Brow Heads are all points that jut into the Celtic Sea before merging with the Atlantic Ocean.

Mizen Head has an awe-inspiring bridge that leads towards Ireland’s boundary with the sea. Visitors are encouraged to try and spot whales or dolphins swimming in the cold waters. The area has intricate trails carved perfectly into the landscape that allow the views to come alive.

A camera and jacket are a must for capturing and enjoying the essence of these points. Mizen Head Signal Station offers a sneak peak of what County Cork has to offer. However, the site cannot beat the views of seeing this landscape up close and in person.

For a brief video showing the panoramic and refreshing views of Mizen Head, please view the video here.

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