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Weather You’ll Be Here or Not

When you picture Ireland, what comes to mind? Is your idea backed up with real facts though?

Ireland is very lush and green. It has some rolling landscape, mountain ranges. pastures, fields, cliffs and is ever abundant with plant life. Wherever you go, you are likely not very far from a body of water whether it’s an ocean, a river or perhaps even a lake. These are the types of images that we expect to see when we get there. However, what kind of climate accompanies this scenery?

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Ireland is by all accounts a very mild place, possibly even temperate. This means that the weather doesn’t really fluctuate alot or go to extremes in any way. However, recent world changes have been making an impact and that could mean bracing for possible abnormalities in Ireland’s forecast. While other parts of the world can be either really cold or hot and some have changes from season to season that are predicable, they tend to be more severe than Ireland.

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When deciding when to visit, if you are concerned about the weather, then don’t even worry about it. The weather is relatively consistent throughout the year with mild changes every now and then. The summer months are known for getting much more sunlight in the daytime; close to eighteen hours. Arguments for going for a visit during this period seem obvious in that you can do so much more with the sunshine guiding your way.

Ireland has much to discover and if the weather is rainy or dark, that means that activities might become restrained to the indoors. Perhaps, this is alright occasionally although, most of us enjoy getting our energy out in the great outdoors and would prefer not doing that in a rain-soaked poncho.

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If you plan to take a trip here, then be mindful of what you bring for clothing. Layers are recommended as you can adjust your outfit to the climate of the moment. It is a good idea to bring a rain jacket in the event that it drizzles. Typically, you would not expect to endure long bouts of rain, rather instead, you might see little showers here and there. And as someone pointed out, most of the times natives use that moment as an opportunity to duck indoors to a pub or something similar. Grabbing yourself a pint of Guinness should tide you over until the shower lets up and then you can go about  with the fun things that you had planned.

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