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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Trump?

Apparently, there are many people who are running scared. And where would you guess they are going?

Ireland is a beautiful country to visit. But for some, it’s more than just that; it’s their potential home, give or take five months. Yes, evidently many of America’s wealthy have been gobbling up properties and land in Ireland in the event that Donald Trump is elected as the next, U.S. president.

Citing a concern over personal well-being as the big incentive, groups of American elite have made the radical, life-changing choice to switch over. Some have purchased property over in Ireland and even inundated institutions with inquires on how to make the transition.

It’s a large amount of info to process. First of all, these people are Americans, rich or not. Secondly, who knows how long they have lived in the U.S. Yet, the prospect of Trump becoming president is enough for them to want to completely uproot. Next, most people fled other countries to come to America because of all the persecution that they were enduring in their homelands.

In fact, it was America that stood for a free country and a brand-new start. That is what and how this country, the U.S., got founded. Yet, current stories almost wash that all away. Now the opposite just might happen and it makes the last several hundred years look like a gigantic failure.

When I was sitting in my U.S. History classes, I never once thought that there might come a day where people, whoever they may be, would want to flee the U.S. because of something like this. I never thought there would come a day where someone as offensive and vitriolic as Trump would ever have a chance. However, that day seems to be near or closer then I ever wanted to admit would be comfortable. The fact that he has even gotten this far is in a shame in itself. It really is.

What does this say about the U.S., besides that Ireland is the next best choice? Obviously, there are many people opposed to a Trump candidacy and presidency, but there were and are enough people who didn’t oppose. And that is the real kicker.

Aren’t these the people who should be fleeing America for another country where fascism and prejudices are free-game? That we even have to accept people like this in America is a given since we are a free country. However, when so many people want to evacuate the premises, we should all know, as the world seems to, that things have gotten way beyond a point that is remotely acceptance.

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