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What Wearing Swarovski® Crystals Will Mean for You

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I was recently in a National retailer when I came across a magnetic bracelet. It was pretty and looked sturdy. Also, the cost of the item was ridiculously low. I noticed the caption on the piece indicating that the bracelet was for healing. Upon inspecting it, I saw that there were two, teeny-tiny magnets attached. I realized that perhaps it could be used for magnetic therapy which I don’t know much about. However, I have heard about the healing power of crystals.

Trinity knot earrings embellished with crystals.

Swarovski crystals® are some of the best crystals that you can hope to ever find. They are called crystals which can be confusing since crystals that we actually unearth are not man-made. Swarovski crystals® are man made. There is also a very good reason why they are the finest available.

Swarovski® has been around for over one hundred years. The company began from the invention of a machine which cut beautiful crystals from glass. These crystals come from Austria and the method used to create them is almost perfect. It leads to crystals that are blemish-free with a faultless appearance. However, they are made of glass.

Shamrock pendant encrusted with Swarovski crystals.


We may call them crystals because they are cut into shapes that resemble natural crystals. However, because they are made of glass, Swarovski crystals® bring power and energies that are associated with glass.

For example, did you know that glass is a combination of all four elements? They are made from air, fire, and materials taken from the earth. As glass is formed into a shape, it is completely liquefied until it hardens into something solid. Therefore, wearing Swarovski crystals® indicates a collaboration with all things we perceive. And this means a rare form of unity.



Wearing glass crystals represents transformation for obvious reasons as for the way that they are created. It also represents rebirth, focus and communication. The fundamental vibes of glass crystals are very positive and it is believed that wearing them wards off negativity while increasing positivity. I happen to think this makes Swarovski crystals® incredibly worthy to be worn and perhaps even necessary.

If you thought the meaning of these crystals were good, wait until you understand what the colors mean!

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