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Who Wins this Ireland vs. America Taste Test?

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Who came up with the idea to take normal Irish folks and bring them into a room for a blind taste test? The answer to that is Facts. Facts is a brainchild from Dublin which has taken over YouTube in a very original way. The topics they cover are far from mainstream, news’s ideas.  Mainstream news might do a piece on a generalized topic. Facts takes a tiny anecdote of Irish lifestyle and makes a mini-documentary out of it.

The categories that they have covered and filmed range from attempting certain dialectics for non-natives to tasting traditional or opposite foods. The aim is pretty much for the visitors to voice their opinions. They are encouraged, as it would seem, to speak their minds freely. This is where the fun is interjected. Facts’s idea to capture these moments is actually a great concept of making humorous skits merely from people’s personalities. It is like watching your best friend try something new or original and finding joy in watching them.

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It could be that the cultural differences are so notable from place to place that much of the time when people talk of them, they speak from inexperience. That can be slightly risky when we begin to see things one way without really knowing if that way is consistent with what we really think. If you were to ask any Irish person if they preferred Irish sweets or American candies, most would probably say that they prefer Irish sweets. Their loyalty is that fixed.

Facts, however, dares to put these steadfast people to a test.(and in some cases multiple tests) One such video shows a blind taste test which has some of Facts frequent participants putting on blindfolds then asked to sample two different food items. One is American candy, and the other is a traditional Irish sweet.  Many of the testers sat down believing that Irish sweets would win without giving much thought to the American candies. However, once you see this video, the results might surprise you!

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Photo courtesy of MorgueFile.

It turns out that American candies won out over Irish sweets. They were summed up as more sweet and sugary. Well, at least that was the opinion of these folks. Maybe after reading this you should form your own taste test and see if you agree with their findings. Either way, having these quirky, short videos from Facts helped me and hopefully others to see the humor in something original.


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