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Wisdom of Irish Mothers

No matter where in the world you grew up, if you have an Irish Mom, some of this may sound familiar

While mothers in Ireland had their day in March, those in North America have a few weeks left until Mothers’ Day.

Irish mothers are a special breed, no matter where in the world they live. Each one is unique, of course, but most have some shared qualities that can be endearing, annoying, and hilarious at the same time. She can drive you nuts, but she adores you and wants the best for you. That’s why she is so quick to share her insights on life with you, like it or not!

Irish mothers are infamous for singing off the same hymn sheet. You’d think they got a list of sayings to use when they checked out of the maternity ward. But in there with the snide cracks about the length of skirts and threats about you making a ‘holy show’ of her, you’ll find a lot of wisdom. If you have an Irish mother, you might wonder how much of her wisdom is cultural. Here’s some insight. If you discovered Irish music, literature, or dance without having an Irish parent lead the way, understanding the wisdom of Irish mothers can give you a better understanding of Irish culture in general.

Advice from Irish Mothers

Irish mothers might disagree on many things, but they have a few core lessons they’d collectively like to impart.

  1. Be resilient. “Sure that won’t kill you” does not sound like the most sympathetic response to a skinned knee. If you were really hurt, your Irish mother would set a land speed record getting you help. But she knows life is going to knock all of us around, and it is critical to get back up. Once she sees your injuries are minor, she’ll tell you to get up. She’ll make you try again. Learning to overcome small mishaps without a lot of drama will prepare you to overcome the big stuff when it hits.
  2. Take care of yourself. She’s unlikely to put it in those words. But when your Irish mother is insisting that you eat that stew and drink that flat 7Up, she’s telling you that if you feel unwell, you have to look after yourself. Her drive to keep you well is also behind her sharp review of your clothing choices, particularly in coat and cardigan departments.
  3. Have faith. She has faith in you. When she says ‘what’s for you won’t pass you by, she is reassuring you. It’s her way of saying that whatever went wrong won’t stop you. She sees your skills, your talents, and your strengths. She’s sawed them long before you did. You might be upset at a break-up, not getting a job or whatever didn’t go well. But she knows you can do better. She knows you’ll find love, joy, and success because she knows you are amazing. She raised you after all.

No matter where in the world you grew up, if you have an Irish mother, some of this probably sounds familiar.

Her big day is coming up, and while she will insist she doesn’t want anything, you know she’d be delighted with something gorgeous that says how much you really do appreciate her, even if sometimes she drives you nuts. But most importantly, put on a cardigan and close that door, she isn’t paying to heat the whole neighborhood.

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