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With this ring, I thee three

A gold band, a piece of string, a promise—when you find the one who you want to spend the rest of your life with, you don’t really need anything to put on your finger. When we do choose to render such a commitment – a dream realized – with a ring, it becomes more of a celebration of that commitment than a visual reminder.


The Diamond Wedding Ring with Trinity Knots is beautiful, to be sure. The Trinity Knot is a well-known Celtic symbol of love everlasting. The diamonds cleave out space in the band suggesting beauty and strength. But beyond all this is something eye catching and then, thought provoking.

The angled panels of three diamonds flanking either side of each knot carry a momentum, punctuating the importance of the three. They also point beyond what’s hewn on the band to the very body of you. You find yourself wanting to follow the line formed on the band, and then, to everything around it: yourself, your spouse-to-be, perhaps future children, your home, a dog, a cat, a hedgehog?

It is what you cannot see on the ring that finds its place on the ring. You cannot see love. You cannot touch love. But it is the most real, tangible, powerful force we know. Beyond the soft, mirror finish of the white gold, beyond the sparkly dazzle of the diamonds, beyond the knot itself is the orchestrated place of them all on one ring. It is a subtle design choice that, along with the sparkly diamonds, is the reason why you just-can’t-stop-staring.

Shanore jewelers, rumored to have mutant powers worthy of a Bryan Singer film, get this. Materials and workmanship are paramount, of course. But even more is the understanding of the significance beyond a pretty design.

Celtic symbols are known the world over, fortified with a history reaching as far back as Western Civilization allows. For the Trinity Knot or Triquetra (/trī-kwētrə/), its origins predate Christianity with occurrence on the rune stones of pagan tribes. Again, this theme of pointing beyond resonates here. For many, though, it is the Christian Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost that comes to mind when you look at the Knot. Others also remember their grandmother or mother or favorite aunt and a piece of jewelry she once wore bearing the symbol. Someday, it might be your own daughter who looks upon this Triquetra and thinks not only of history and religion but of you, your ring, your love…and perhaps a cute, little hedgehog.

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