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What the World Would Be Like if Irish Kids Ran It

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Photo courtesy of Morgue File.

Children have opinions and insights that most adults fail to recognize. Why is that? Well, because children are as basic to understanding humanity as possible.

They do not need to worry about bills, jobs or keeping their homes clean. Rather, the issues that face most children are things like, what they like to eat, drink, do or say. Who would have thought they’d have such useful advice for us adults?


This video is offered to us from Youth Tuber which is a fantastic, new channel that is becoming very well-liked in Ireland.  It highlights Irish children taking a moment to give us their views on what may seem like ordinary topics. And well, rather than trying to give a political or socially-correct response, these children deliver something different. I call it refreshing and delightful since their thoughts seem genuine.

Watch the video below.

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Photo courtesy of Morgue File.

Our candidates in this episode are Niall, Luke, Luca, Saoirse, Sam, Bluebell, and Benjy. If their names weren’t adorable enough, their answers were even more endearing. Never mind the current issues that most of those adults talk about! This group narrowed down their list of improvements with strategy and their aims seemed fairly simple. I attempted to categorize their thoughts here:

1.) Make life more fun as you go about your day. I mean, wouldn’t it be much more fun if we had a waterpark to navigate in between footsteps?

2.) Make sure we have access to high-quality sweets much more often. Having our rivers changed into chocolate might make them look different and unable to sustain marine life. However, we would get more chocolate and really, isn’t that what life is all about?

3.)Technology is ultra important. This is pretty much the age in which children are currently being born and raised. For many of us who did not grow up with this much of an influence, it is clear that the world’s tech trends have made a huge impression on our youth. Cue the sunrise.

4.) Take care of other humans. Whether it means wanting others to be happy, safe, or having full bellies, compassion for others is important to these kids. This group seemed to get that the key to life, along with sugary foods, also required caring about our fellow man.

Sure, some things might be overlooked if Irish kids ran the world. But, just adding a few of their suggestions might make the planet even a tad bit more bearable. Who would have time to be mad if they had ice cream whenever they wanted?


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