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Young Ladies, Big Milestones and Just Right Gifts

Do you know a young lady with a big milestone coming up this spring or summer?  While birthdays fall throughout the year, spring seems to be a time with a lot of other big occasions, particularly for young people.  Perhaps it is a First Communion, Confirmation or other religious milestone.  Or maybe it is a graduation from primary, middle or high school.  And of course, some birthdays are extra special, such as a young lady’s sweet sixteen.

Happily it is easy to find nice jewelry that hits the spot between too little and over the top.  And it does not involve spending on a scale normally reserved for wedding presents.  While tween and teen girls are notorious for being caught up in short lived trends, they are not immune to timeless beauty.  Just look at the knot work on those Irish dance costumes.  Yes, they will accumulate many things and sport some hairstyles that will make them cringe in a decade if not sooner, but you don’t have to fuel that fire.  You can raise the bar with a sweet and simple gift she’ll enjoy for a very long time.  Here are a few suggestions.

GG1You cannot go wrong with a Celtic cross for a First Communion or Confirmation.  Of course, Celtic crosses are popular gifts for many occasions, not only religious events, but they are particularly moving for a milestone related to a young lady’s faith.



GG2 A pretty pair of earrings will be worn again and again.  For formal occasions, many girls and women with long hair are opting for upstyles, which makes the choice of earrings even more important.  A pair that is always just right will be treasured.


GG3 Claddagh rings are incredibly popular, but perhaps she already has one.  You can find rings with other designs featuring beautiful Celtic designs that she can wear again and again.

It isn’t only a girl’s parents who delight in surprising her with a meaningful gift on special occasions.  Godparents often like to give a particularly special gift for First Communions, Confirmations or other religious events.  Uncles and aunts as well as close family friends – honorary uncles and aunts if you will – also like to make a statement when a little girl hits a big milestone.  If it is time for a super special gift for a super special young lady in your life, jewelry is a gift she will treasure for life.

Whether one of your favorite young ladies is preparing to graduate this June, celebrating a birthday soon or looking forward to another major milestone, you can take advantage of the opportunity to present her with an enduring token of your affection for her rather than go with this year’s trend or the dreaded if practical gift of cash or gift certificates.  A gift of Irish jewelry not only will be enjoyed far into the future, it will connect her with centuries of Irish culture and heritage.

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