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Survey: Your Favorite Irish Things!

What are your favorite Irish things?  It’s a tough question, we know.  And we wouldn’t ask you to pick just one because that’s impossible.  But we do want to know what you like best, and we’d be grateful if you would take a moment to answer our survey – so grateful that your completed survey will get you ten entries into our October giveaway.  It shouldn’t take long, although who wouldn’t like to spend the day pondering their favorite Irish things.

And sure, we’re a little bit nosy maybe, but we’d also love to know what your friends think – what are their favorite Irish things?  So maybe you could do us a wee favor and share this with them.  We’re grateful to you – ten extra entries worth of grateful.  All you need to do is finish the survey, and then click the link to enter the giveaway.  Thank you for taking a moment to let us know what you’d like more of.  We’re looking forward to seeing what you have to say, and we’ll post the results of the survey in a few weeks!

Fill in the survey first, and this will give you 10 entries to our October giveaway. Click on the link below the survey to enter the giveaway.


Enter the giveaway here and receive 10 entries!


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