Claddagh Collection

The Claddagh village on Galway Bay is home to a powerful love story. A fisherman captured at sea and sold into servitude crafted the romantic symbol that now adorns a wide range of Claddagh jewelry. The heart held in hands of friendship and crowned with loyalty began as one man’s gift to the woman he loved. Today we also have men’s Claddagh rings and Claddagh necklaces. Claddagh jewelry is a perfect gift for whoever you love.

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Silver Claddagh Jewelry

The hands for friendship, the heart for love and the crown for loyalty – Claddagh jewelry sums up what we all want from a relationship. Wear your ideals with a Claddagh necklace or ring. This design is as versatile as it is meaningful. Go for simple, elegant silver or a dazzling burst of gemstones. Combined with other iconic Irish symbols or on its own, it is a distinctive and delightful look that endures.

Gold Claddagh Jewelry

Gold is the ultimate luxury metal. It is ideal for detailed designs. It’s also the material used for the original Claddagh ring when it was first designed by an Irish fisherman who was captured at sea and enslaved to a goldsmith. Now you can enjoy a range of gold Claddagh jewelry. Whether you want a Claddagh necklace, earrings or classic women’s or men’s Claddagh rings, you can find it in gold.

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