Claddagh Wedding Band Gents Diamonds Set with Celtic Knotwork
Claddagh Wedding Band Gents Diamonds Set with Celtic Knotwork
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Claddagh Wedding Band Gents Diamonds Set with Celtic Knotwork

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Metal: 14kt White Gold
Weight: 7.2 grams
Width: 7mm
Diamond Colour: I - J
Diamond Clarity: P1
Diamond Carat: 0.05ct


This gentleman's wedding band, hand-crafted in 14 karat white gold, is both stately and sumptuous. The central Claddagh design embedded in the band stands for the affection and partnership vital to a lifelong commitment, and the Celtic knots winding and crossing on either side add a graceful complexity. Two sets of pave diamonds indicate that every moment of marriage is a special occasion. 

Claddagh and Celtic Knot Karma

While multiple versions of the Claddagh ring's origin story exist, the most plausible one tells the tale of Richard Joyce, who departed Galway, Ireland in the 1700's to find work in the West Indies. Almost immediately, he was kidnapped at sea and sold to a goldsmith. Years later, he found the love of his life back in Galway waiting for him, and gave her what is believed to be the very first Claddagh ring. The hands of the Claddagh represent friendship; the heart, love; and the crown, loyalty. The Celtic knot holds similar meaning in the context of an affectionate relationship. Because the loops of the knot do not begin nor end, they signify the eternal nature of love.

The Epitome of Adoration

A man who chooses this wedding band believes strongly in the sincerity and longevity of Irish custom. He can think of no better symbols that epitomize the core virtues necessary to sustain a marriage. His values stem from an upbringing that prized chivalry and devotion, hard work, and respect for others, and he wants nothing more than to shower his wife with unwavering fondness. This gentleman also knows what refinement looks like. He appreciates the classy glimmer of diamonds, gems that have always stood for the treasured rarity of a passionate relationship. His heart is overjoyed to be giving itself to the woman who completes his existence.

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