10kt Gold Collection

The low-set sun shining golden across Ireland. The way the light makes a bottle of whiskey shine in a pub. The fields in autumn, no longer 40 shades of green, brag of a golden shimmer. Of course Irish jewelry looks gorgeous in 10k gold. Whether it is gold trinity earrings or a shamrock pendant, the designs look just right in gold. For gold Celtic jewelry that you wear often, 10k gold is perfect. Gold is a very soft metal, and 10k is more durable than 14k or 18k. If you want a gold Claddagh necklace or ring to wear every day, 10k gold is ideal.

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Gold Celtic Jewelry

Everyday beauty is the essence of gold Celtic jewelry. Wear a symbol of the land you love that looks beautiful with your jeans or with a cocktail dress. The intricate knotwork glimmers warmly, drawing the eye into its endless flow. The simplicity of a shamrock or the rich symbolism of a Claddagh shine brightly in 10k gold.