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Do your Irish root run deep? If it is the ancient Celts who speak to your soul, Celtic warrior jewelry is a stunning way to show off your heritage. Long before the more delicate Irish icons got the spotlight, we were known as a strong, fierce people. The Tribes collection showcases the strength of the Celts with powerful, intricate designs on solid pieces. Which tribal necklace is right for you? Would you prefer a shield pendant or a Celtic cross? Whichever you chose, you will be getting an intriguing piece of Celtic jewelry sure to turn heads. These strong designs represent our oldest ancestors and their warrior spirit while they celebrate our connection to them.

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Follow your roots to their deepest origins. Celebrate the strength of your Celtic heritage with a tribal necklace. Interlocking knot work designs rich in symbolism and an occasional splash of sparkle weave their magic when you don them. Expect to intrigue and maybe even enchant when you are wearing these powerful pieces of Celtic jewelry from the Tribal collection.

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Celtic tribal knot earrings bring you back to the earliest designs of Ireland. Before we had shamrocks or Claddaghs, we had Celtic knots. Rich in symbolism, these designs have no beginning or end. Wear them any time, any place with anything. They give any outfit a touch of warrior magic.

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The bracelets of ancient Celts have been found among the hoards discovered sunk in bogs and buried in fields. Wear this connection to those ancestors on your own wrist. Honor the ancient Celtic warriors. Explore the roots of your own tree of life. Show your faith. The three symbols on this Celtic tribal bracelet celebrate Ireland’s earliest history.

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